Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s new golf league, TGL, is set to begin next season and they’ve just announced a new technology partner – Full Swing. The golf simulator will be instrumental in the new, unique golf league.

Woods and McIlroy announced that they’d be partnering with the same swing technology that the 15-time major winner uses in his home. Only the best for Woods and his new league.

They released a statement, with Woods saying that he’s thrilled to get Full Swing on board (via The First Call Golf):

“When we started looking at the technology required to make TGL a reality, I knew that Full Swing would be the key company I’d be comfortable working with to provide the best experience for players and viewers.”

“I’ve used Full Swing for almost ten years now and they continually innovate to make the experience better across their entire product line that I use at home and on the range. This is why I trust Full Swing to help power a majority of TGL’s gameplay platform.”

Ryan Dotters, the CEO of Full Swing, believes that this is going to catapult his company. He’s been working with Tiger and others and the company is ready to take the next big step into the mainstream. He said:

“Across our simulator software experience, KIT launch monitor, and Virtual Green that can literally shift the type of putts the players will face, our entire product line will be represented with TGL. We’re actively customizing and super-sizing these tech solutions and several software platforms for the league’s unique needs.”

The statement also read that they’re developing new concepts of merging sports and virtual reality. This is the premise of TGL, so it’s a perfect pairing:

“In the end, a majority of the technology solutions driving our gameplay experience will be Full Swing, including the custom game architecture weaving all our official technology partners together to create a seamless TGL experience.”

This could totally reshape and rework the sport of golf. Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy could be on to a major hit here. With Full Swing on board, it could be a very successful endeavor.

Who is participating in Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s league?

Aside from both Tiger and Rory, the TGL league will have a lot of big-name stars in it. Some of the biggest names in the entire sport are involved:

  • Max Homa
  • Tiger Woods
  • Rory McIlroy
  • Billy Horschel
  • Matt Fitzpatrick
  • Justin Thomas
  • Jon Rahm
  • Collin Morikawa
  • Adam Scott
  • Justin Rose
  • Xander Schauffele
Tiger Woods is heading up TGL next season
Tiger Woods is heading up TGL next season

Tiger Woods said this about TGL (via Golfweek):

“TGL is the next evolution within professional golf, and I am committed to helping lead it into the future. Embracing technology to create this unique environment gives us the ability to move our sport into primetime on a consistent basis alongside so many of sports’ biggest events.”

With things evolving before everyone’s eyes, this could be a very successful season for the new league.

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