WWE Superstar and Women’s World Champion, Rhea Ripley has now announced her engagement to her real-life partner, Buddy Murphy. The superstar posted on Instagram, confirming the news.

Although in an on-screen role, she’s been in a relationship with Dominik Mysterio, as part of Judgment Day, in reality she has been with Buddy Murphy for some time now.

The two confirmed their real-life relationship last year in February, when Ripley posted a picture of the two of them together.

Now, she has confirmed her real-life engagement to the AEW wrestler in a heartwarming post on Instagram. In a post where she was kissing the wrestler’s cheek, Rhea said she was extremely happy while saying “Yes”, a thousand times over.

“1000x YES! Pure F**king happiness! ❤️”

Rhea Ripley has made the announcement on her Instagram
Rhea Ripley has made the announcement on her Instagram

The stars were obviously extremely happy in the post together. While working for different companies, they have been happy and shared quite a few posts together over the past year showcasing their relationship.

Murphy is currently a part of AEW where he is quite an active member of the roster, featuring regularly. Meanwhile, Rhea Ripley has been dominant as a women’s champion, defeating everyone she comes across.

Congratulations to both stars on behalf of Sportskeeda for their real-life engagement.

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