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Vince McMahon‘s world of sports entertainment thrives on kayfabe, and when that barrier is broken, more often than not, fans seem to be less invested in a storyline. McMahon was annoyed about the same happening during a storyline involving Rusev, Lana, Dolph Ziggler, and Summer Rae.

The storyline took place in 2015. Summer Rae formed an alliance with Rusev while he was feuding with Dolph Ziggler, who had Lana on his side. The storyline portrayed Rusev in a relationship with Rae and Ziggler in a relationship with Lana.

The feud between Rusev and Ziggler reached its peak when the two clashed at SummerSlam in 2015. The match ended in a double count-out when Rae and Lana got involved. The two didn’t face each other after that, and the storyline was abruptly dropped when TMZ released a report stating that Lana and Rusev were engaged in real life.

Summer Rae recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet. During the interview, she spoke about Mr. McMahon’s reaction to TMZ leaking the relationship details of Rusev and Lana when both of them were on opposite sides of a rivalry. She said that Vince McMahon was furious about it because he believed that it was one of the top storylines.

“When the TMZ storyline got mysteriously leaked to TMZ, no one cared. We aren’t Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, you know. That really set Vince off and like everyone, because, I don’t know why, but we were like the favorite storyline of him.” (28:52-29:12)

She went on to explain how the leak affected the morale backstage of many of the head writers.

“He [Vince McMahon] was really upset. I think the head writers at the time were really upset too because they had just been so invested in it. I think the fans aren’t dumb like to know that there was never a payoff, like we never had a payoff match. Lana and I never went back and forth. We never had the doubles match, so clearly something went wrong in the storyline.” (29:40-30:02)

Finn Balor recently spoke about one of Vince McMahon’s quirks

It is a well-known fact that Vince McMahon is not a fan of grey hair. His dislike for the greys is something many fans discuss but never really got any confirmation about. Many believed that his issues with grey hair reached such an extent that it is a major reason behind him dying his hair and beard before making a public appearance.

Recently, WWE Superstar Finn Balor confirmed Mr. McMahon’s quirk in an interview. The Demon King said that he had a few white hairs, but he doesn’t dye it, although Vince McMahon doesn’t like it.

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