Welcome to the latest WWE News & Rumor Roundup. Today’s edition features topics about prominent names like Brock Lesnar and Charlotte Flair, to name a few.

This year’s SummerSlam featured many high-profile matches, with Lesnar having been in one against Cody Rhodes. After the event, there has been talk about The Beast Incarnate’s future with the company.

A former WWE star recently told Sportskeeda Wrestling what she really thinks about Charlotte Flair and other women on the roster. This Roundup also includes a few more interesting stories. So without further ado, let’s begin:

#5 WWE’s plan for Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar shared a rare heartfelt moment with Cody Rhodes following the latter’s victory at SummerSlam 2023. With The Beast Incarnate’s babyface turn fresh in fans’ minds, reports suggest that he will not appear on WWE television immediately after The Biggest Party of the Summer.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, here is the company’s alleged plan for Lesnar moving forward:

”As of right now, he put [Cody] Rhodes over clean, shook his hand, turned himself back babyface in doing so, and the plan is for him to return on the television building up the Royal Rumble and from there going to WrestleMania [40]. Although I could see him returning for the November Saudi Arabia show even if today that isn’t the plan, or if there is an injury, he’s always there if they need a program.”

It should be interesting to see who Lesnar will target whenever he makes his on-screen comeback.

#4 WWE duo set to leave the company?

Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid (The Dyad) will seemingly exit World Wrestling Entertainment after their contracts expire. Per previous reports, the former NXT UK Tag Team Champions have wanted to leave for quite some time.

However, it was confirmed a few months ago that their requests for WWE releases were denied. Dave Meltzer recently stated:

“The belief is that Jagger Reid & Rip Fowler, The Dyad, are still leaving when their contracts expire. The expiration date is [October 14].”

Not too long ago, Reid hinted at his departure from WWE with a tweet. You can read more about it here.

#3 Dutch Mantell on who could defeat United States Champion Rey Mysterio


Fans were in for an exciting surprise on the latest episode of WWE SmackDown. Rey Mysterio defeated Austin Theory to become the new United States Champion, and there has been significant speculation on what this reign will look like.

Wrestling veteran Dutch Mantell appeared on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Smack Talk show to give his take on the unexpected moment:

“Hey, I liked it! I’m looking at [Austin] Theory, and Theory is kind of dying right now. So beat him and then start something new with him.”

Mantell added that Mysterio and Theory could keep feuding over the title, with the latter possibly winning it back from the legendary luchador at some point:

“Now he and Rey [Mysterio] will go back and forth, and he can retake it. Then you’ve got to work Santos Escobar [Mysterio’s on-screen ally] back into it. See, what WWE is doing now, we look at it like it’s full. But they are going against the grain. They are doing the stuff you don’t expect. And not all of it will work. This is not an exact science.”

#2 Unseen WWE SmackDown moment featuring Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley recently faced Natalya in an untelevised match for the SmackDown crowd. Although Ripley won as expected, it was a surprising distraction from Bayley that led to the result.

As seen in the clip below, Bayley and the WWE Women’s World Champion were spotted dancing after the bout concluded:

Clearly, The Eradicator knows how to have fun without Dominik Mysterio by her side.

#1 Charlotte Flair = Female Head of the Table?


Nia Jax has praised the current women’s division in WWE. Although the former champion is not part of any current storylines, she keeps track of on-screen developments.

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling Senior Editor Bill Apter, Jax gave Charlotte Flair a special title while also commenting on Zoey Stark and Trish Stratus’ alliance:

“I’m obsessed with Asuka. I had such amazing chemistry with Asuka. Charlotte [Flair] is just top-tier, The Head of the Women’s Table. All the women are incredible. I like seeing what Zoey Stark is doing, teaming up with Trish [Stratus]. I love Dakota Kai. I love IYO SKY.”

The Head of the Table, of course, refers to Roman Reigns. He and Nia Jax are part of the legendary Anoa’i family.

Is Charlotte Flair the female Roman Reigns? Let us know in the comments section below.

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