Back in his glory days with Red Bull, Sebastian Vettel was part of a hilarious yet impressive Chinese commercial for his team. At the time, Vettel was one of the best drivers on the grid. Hence, this commercial at the time became extremely popular with the F1 fanbase, so much so that it is still remembered.

The video starts off with Sebastian Vettel and a martial arts actress Celina Jade entering a traditional Chinese town. However, they soon get into trouble as they encountered a group of rogues who are trying to hurt a man.

Almost immediately, both get into a fight. While Jade starts fighting, Vettel hilariously tries to fight against them as well.


Although in some shots it is clear that Sebastian Vettel‘s stunt double is actually acting in most of the fighting scenes, it is quite entertaining to watch Vettel in some of the scenes. However, there is a final fight where most of the moves and blows are performed by the Red Bull driver himself.

After the climax of the entire storyline was complete, it was revealed that the entire thing was a setup, and the film crew came out and praised the actors. It was a funny yet enjoyable commercial to watch back in 2012, and it still is in 2023.

The commercial was filmed in Shanghai and was published a few days before the 2012 F1 Chinese GP.

Former F1 driver speculates on why Red Bull does not get enough credit for dominating F1

Former Red Bull F1 driver Mark Webber recently spoke about how the Austrian-British team is currently dominating the sport and yet not getting enough respect and notoriety for it.

He feels that if Red Bull had been a working team, they would have received much more praise from the F1 fanbase and paddock.

“If it was a manufacturer, it might get some more praise and notoriety. Because, in essence, it’s still a team made of tremendous individuals and people that have done a great job to engineer beautiful Formula 1 cars for world championships with constructors’ and drivers’ [titles], and to be dominant in many ways,” Webber told Autosport.

Later on, Webber himself praised the team for working relentlessly to get to this level of on-track performance.

“So, I think that their ability to be able to do that has been a great success story. And what they’ve put into the sport in that area – like in terms of their staff, the infrastructure at Milton Keynes, what they’ve done – has been a testament to them,” he added.

Red Bull is currently cruising at the top of the constructors’ championship table with 503 points.

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