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As you make your way through the narrative of Baldur’s Gate 3, you will eventually come across a quest in Act 2, which requires you to find the Tiefling named Mol. While the quest might seem simple on paper, there is more to it than what meets the eye. There are many players who are having a hard time locating the NPC in the table-top RPG.

While Act 2 is when the official Mol-searching quest kicks off, you may be able to locate her before that. This is because Mol has a hideout in Emerald Grove, an area accessible in Act 1. Fortunately, the method you can use to reach the Tiefling is the same for both Acts.

Today’s Baldur’s Gate 3 guide goes over some of the things that you must do in order to locate Mol the Tiefling in the game.

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Finding Mol in Baldur’s Gate 3

Make your way to Baldur's Gate City in Act 3 to find Mol (Image via Baldur's Gate 3)
Make your way to Baldur’s Gate City in Act 3 to find Mol (Image via Baldur’s Gate 3)

When the quest to find Mol officially starts in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will receive a hint that you might need to go to the Moorise Towers or the Mind Flayer Colony to find her, as that is where she is frequently found. However, the NPC will not be found in any of these locations, and you will actually have to wait till Act 3 kicks off before you can find her again.

After Act 3 starts, you will be required to head to Guildhall after you have unlocked the city of Baldur’s Gate. To get to Guildhall and reach Mol, you will need to do the following:

  • Make your way to the Baldur’s Gate city Gate Waypoint and then go east of the Glitter Gala. There, you will notice a Manhole. Upon entering it, you will reach the sewers, which will lead you to a Noxious Fume-filled room. Make sure not to ignite the space in any way and hit the lever in the room.
  • Hitting the switch will clear the room of the fumes, and you will notice a hole above the contraption. Interact with it, and the path will lead to a door that opens into the area that leads to the Guildhall. After reaching the area, make your way to Basilisk Gate Barracks, which is located northeast corner of the Lower City.
  • You will notice a Prison Entrance there in Baldur’s Gate 3, and you will need to fall through the Pit Latrine back into the sewers. Search for another room with fumes, hit the lever, disperse it, go through the hole, and make your way to the beach located to the west of the South Span checkpoint.
Find Mol in Guild Hall (Image via Baldur's Gate3)
Find Mol in Guild Hall (Image via Baldur’s Gate3)
  • Assist the Guild here, and then go northeast from the Heapside Strand Waypoint in the Lower City. Now, locate an Orc at X:55 :-102, and speak to him to gain access to the Guildhall. Interact with the button on the wall near the Orc, and insert a ring. This ring can be found in the building near the Guildhall.

After making your way in, you will be able to find Mol in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you are looking for the exact coordinates for the Tiefling, it is X:-11 Y:751.

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