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Roger Clemens is a former MLB pitcher who pretty much has nothing to do with the NFL. For that reason, it’s extremely random that he and NFL wide receiver Tyreek Hill of the Miami Dolphins did a jersey swap.

The act of trading jerseys has been popularized in the NFL, with stars switching jerseys with someone on the other team they like, respect or are friends with. It happens in the NBA some, too. It’s not much of an MLB tradition, and it doesn’t really cross sports, either.

Nevertheless, in some context, Clemens and Hill met up and swapped jerseys. Hill must be a pretty big fan to give him a signed jersey. For the record, it appears as if the #22 New York Yankees jersey (the same number currently worn by center fielder Harrison Bader) is unsigned.

The Yankees are just one of Clemens’ former teams. He also played for the Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays and Houston Astros. This strange and unexpected crossover has some fans reacting.

It’s currently unclear how these two even got together. If Hill is a fan of baseball, he undoubtedly knows about one of the best pitchers in the game’s rich history. However, for Clemens to be aware of Hill, who is admittedly one of today’s best players, is a bit of a surprise.

Roger Clemens one of the best pitchers not in the Hall of Fame

Roger Clemens is, no matter how anyone looks at it, one of the best pitchers of all time. He has over 300 wins and well over 3,000 strikeouts- two illustrious clubs that most pitchers are lucky to even get in one of.

Roger Clemens is one of the best
Roger Clemens is one of the best

He’s one of the few pitchers in MLB history to win MVP and he has seven Cy Youngs to his name. He’s won the Triple Crown twice, the ERA title seven times and has two World Series rings.

His off-field issues have kept him out of the Hall, but his stats line up amongst the best pitchers of all time.

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