O.J. Simpson warns Josh Allen’s Bills might be in trouble after Jets’ $8,600,000 Dalvin Cook move – High School

Josh Allen has helped the Buffalo Bills win the AFC East division in each of the past three consecutive NFL seasons. They have also won games during the NFL Playoffs in each of those three years. The Bills are one of only two teams in the entire NFL to do so, along with the Kansas City Chiefs.

While the Bills’ recent dominance over their division and consistent success in the postseason gives them optimism, the 2023 NFL season will present new challenges. The other three teams in their division have made significant improvements in an attempt to dethrone Buffalo.

Bills legend O.J. Simpson recently gave his take on their chances ahead of the 2023 season in relation to their improved competitors. The Hall of Fame running back explained that he sees one key player on the Bills’ roster that could directly determine the outcome of their entire season, and it’s not Josh Allen.

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Here’s what O.J. Simpson had to say via his personal Twitter account:

“The Bills come down to Von Miller. He’s in his 30s, last year it really hurt them when he went out. When you look at Rodgers and Tua, you need somebody to get after those guys and the Bills defense relies heavily on Von Miller. If Von Miller is healthy, I believe in that Bills’ offense. The Bills still will maybe win 12 or 13 games. If Von doesn’t play, doesn’t get double-digit sacks, I think my Bills might be in trouble considering how much the Jets and Miami have improved.”

Von Miller appeared in 11 games for the Buffalo Bills during the 2022 NFL season and recorded eight sacks. While O.J. Simpson is right that Miller played a major role for them last year, including going 8-3 in those 11 games, saying they struggled without him is a bit of a stretch. In five regular-season games without Miller, the Bills went undefeated.

Simpson does make an excellent point about the improved state of the AFC East division during the 2023 NFL offseason. Aaron Rodgers and Dalvin Cook joined the New York Jets, with the latter signing a one-year $8.6 million deal.

the Miami Dolphins added Jalen Ramsey, and Ezekiel Elliot recently signed with the New England Patriots. Josh Allen will need to be at the top of his game if the Bills want to four-peat as division champs.

Josh Allen’s turnovers may be the real key to the Bills’ success

Josh Allen
Josh Allen

The Buffalo Bills have a singular goal during the 2023 NFL season and that’s to win the first Super Bowl ring in their franchise’s storied history. Josh Allen’s ball security may be the key to making that happen. He has been among the favorites to win the NFL MVP for three consecutive years, but the 2022 season resulted in an alarming increase in turnovers.

Josh Allen recorded 14 interceptions and lost five fumbles in 16 games during the regular season last year. He also threw an additional three combined interceptions in their two playoff games. Prior to the 2022 season, Allen threw just one interception across his first six total postseason games. Cleaning this back up in 2023 could be their key to taking the next step forward.

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