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The Black Desert Online servers will be going offline temporarily today, August 16, 2023, for maintenance as Pearl Abyss is looking to further improve its services on the MMORPG and patch in the latest updates. The maintenance is expected to last for around four hours across all the regions, and irrespective of the server that the player is on, the title will be unavailable during this period.

As the servers will be taken down, those who were inside the game at the time will be automatically kicked out, and they will not be able to log back in till maintenance is done. Along with this, the Web Central Market will also be temporarily unavailable.

Below are all the details you need about Black Desert Online’s August 16 (Wednesday) server downtime and maintenance schedule.

Black Desert Online August 16 server maintenance schedule for all regions

As mentioned, the Black Desert Online servers will go down today for approximately four hours. Here is the period for which the MMORPG will be unavailable for all the regions:

  • 01:00 05:00 PDT
  • 04:00 08:00 EDT
  • 08:00 12:00 UTC
  • 10:00 14:00 CEST

However, the downtime period is subject to change, and it may take longer for the servers to come back up, depending on how well the maintenance has gone for the developer. If there are issues, Pearl Abyss will inform players, and they might just have to wait it out a couple of hours longer.

Black Desert Online August 16 website maintenance schedule

Along with the BDO servers, the website will also be unavailable for a couple of hours, and players will not be able to access it for the following period:

  • 01:00 03:00 PDT
  • 04:00 06:00 EDT
  • 08:00 10:00 UTC
  • 10:00 12:00 CEST

This period too is subject to change.

Black Desert Online August 16 Major Update Details

The server maintenance period will be followed by a minor update, which will have the following patch highlights:

  • Marni’s Realm Revamp
  • Added Treasure Krogdalo’s Sanctuary
  • Mass opening of Production Node sacks
  • Improved acquisition of junk loot in some Monster Zones
  • Changes to Node War participation opportunity return and individual reward
  • Added Hotkey (Ctrl+F) for Find My Item feature
  • Improved Find NPCs feature
  • Added equipment enhancement guide for new Adventurers

All events that are scheduled to end with Black Desert Online August 16 server maintenance

Here are all the events that will be made unavailable after today’s update:

  • [Safeguard Your Crystals] Event Extended!
  • The Sea Palace is better with Twitch Drops!
  • Special Rewards to Await the Sea Palace!
  • United Power, Boosting Through Guild Missions!
  • Black Desert x Prime Gaming July Drop
  • Support Your Favorite Content Creators!

Black Desert Online Endlaive stream details for August 16

For the period that the servers are down, players will be able to catch the “Maintenance Stream With Endlaive,” where the show will be going over some of the major highlights of the upcoming patch and events.

Players will be able to catch the stream at the following times:

  • 04:00 PDT
  • 07:00 EDT
  • 11:00 UTC
  • 13:00 CEST

The stream is expected to be close to an hour long and will be followed by the servers going back up.

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