40 best Jordan Love-inspired Fantasy Football team names to try out in 2023 – High School

Jordan Love will take center stage for the Green Bay Packers this year. The quarterback is set to fill in some big shoes after Aaron Rodgers’ departure from the team in the offseason.

Love has started in just one NFL game across his two-year career so far. He’s appeared in 10 games total, recorded up 606 yards and three touchdowns on 50 of his 83 pass attempts.

Nonetheless, with the spotlight now on Love as the Packers’ new starting quarterback, many have wondered whether he can rack up the fantasy points like Rodgers used to.

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Love has managed to put up a rather underwhelming 32.8 fantasy points in total across two years in Green Bay. However, it’s safe to say that his numbers will only get better with more games under his belt for the 2023 NFL campaign.

40 of the best Jordan Love-inspired fantasy football team names

Green Bay Packers QB Jordan Love
Green Bay Packers QB Jordan Love

Coming up with a creative fantasy football team name is important. Moreover, having one that matches the names of your favorite players can make you stand out from the rest.

If you want to create a team name around the new Green Bay Packers starting quarterback, we’ve got you covered.

List of Jordan Love Fantasy Football Team Names 2023:

  1. No Jordanary Love
  2. Love of My Life
  3. Love and War
  4. For the Love of the Game
  5. All You Need Is Love, And Some WRs
  6. Air Jordan
  7. Tough Love
  8. Love Conquers All
  9. Gonna Take A Lotta Love
  10. Love Connection
  11. No Jordanary Love
  12. From Rodgers With Love
  13. What’s Love Got To Do With It
  14. Love All
  15. The Jordan Rules
  16. Finding Love
  17. Love Me Tender
  18. Spread Love
  19. Air Raid Jordan
  20. Lovin’ The Pack
  21. Love Strikes Back
  22. Jordan’s Victory Parade
  23. The Love Train
  24. Love Hurts
  25. Love Stinks!
  26. Love Of My Fantasy Life
  27. Love Bombing
  28. Unrequited Love
  29. Just For Love
  30. Love Will Find a Way
  31. No Love Loss
  32. Love Potion Number Ten
  33. Lovestruck!
  34. Lucky in Love
  35. All’s Fair in Love and Football
  36. Love Handles
  37. King of Jordans
  38. Jordan Air Force
  39. It Must Have Been Love
  40. Best of My Love

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