World Chess Federation has ruled out the participation of Transgender women in the women’s event until the review of the situation is made by the officials of the Federation.

The Switzerland-based Federation approved the updated policy in the meeting earlier in the first week of August. The updated policy will come into effect from August 21, 2023. The current ban is temporary until the Chess Federation conducts further analysis and comes up with a final decision.

According to the new policy, the person who changes his gender from male to female will be immediately banned from participating in any female event. Notably, the players will have to provide sufficient proof for gender change that complies with the laws and regulations of the newly released policy.

However, according to the new policy, Transgender women can participate in open-section events. Most of the chess competitions are open-section events, excluding those tournaments which are dedicated especially to women.

In the handbook released by the Chess Federation, it also revealed that they will not discuss the gender change of a person publicly but it holds the right to inform organizations and organizers, the concerned parties regarding the change.

Notably, the policy also states that if a woman changes their gender to a man, the trophies and titles won by them in the women’s category will be “abolished.” However, if a man changes his gender to a woman, the titles and trophies will remain the same.

Also, there is no clear mention regarding how these policies will affect or impact trans people as the rules mentioned here are for future development.

Cycling Federation also banned female Transgender to participate in women’s races

Earlier this year, Cycling Federation became the third union to ban the participation of Female transgender in Women’s races.

According to the Federation, female transgender athletes, who made the transition after “male puberty” will not be eligible for women’s races.

The track and field union and the governing body of swimming have already banned Transgender female participation in Women’s competitions.

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