A WWE legend has taken to social media to label themselves a top-tier talent after a brutal brawl on this week’s RAW.

After returning to WWE before WrestleMania 39, Trish Stratus has once again become a regular performer on RAW. The 47-year-old turned heel for the first time in nearly two decades when she betrayed Becky Lynch and revealed herself to be Lita’s mystery attacker.

Stratus and Lynch have been involved in a heated rivalry ever since. On this week’s RAW, the two were involved in an epic brawl that spilled across the arena. Adam Pearce went on to announce that the next time the two megastars face off, it will be in a steel cage.

On Twitter, the USA Network’s official account replied to Stratus and labeled her ring gear “top tier.” Trish responded in typical fashion, stating that she is a top-tier talent.

“For top tier talent,” wrote Trish.

Trish Stratus sends a message to WWE’s “fastest rising star”

The first match between Trish and Becky Lynch happened back at Night of Champions in May. Recent NXT graduate Zoey Stark shockingly interfered in the bout, helping Stratus pick up the victory. The former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion has been working as the Hall of Famer’s protege ever since.

The surprising partnership has been one of the highlights of Stratus’ most recent run, and it has done wonders for the promising career of Zoey Stark, who recently took to Instagram to call herself the company’s fastest rising star.

“You’re looking at the Fastest Rising Star in WWE #SuperStark #starkreality,” she wrote.

The former seven-time Women’s Champion replied to Stark with a three-word message.

“Thats my girl!” Stratus wrote.

Would you like to see Trish Stratus stick around on RAW once her feud with Becky Lynch is over? Let us know in the comments below!

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