WWE Superstar has worryingly blacked out his social media – High School

While fans were already worried after a WWE Superstar took a step to black out his profile yesterday, now the situation has become even more uncertain as all of their social media has been blacked out. The star, Mustafa Ali, had apparently gotten a new gimmick earlier this week, one that he had wanted for himself.

Ali kicked off his new gimmick on NXT. There he was talking about challenging Dominik Mysterio for a shot at the North American Title. His new character was focused on how he was a politician and was running for the approval of the audience in a possible mockery of a Presidential election.

The star seemed very happy with the gimmick and was sharing it on all of his social media.

Now, though, his profile pictures and banners on Twitter and Instagram are all blacked out. The worrying move to black out pictures has been spotted by fans, who are worried about the star’s status in the company. Although Ali did announce his new pictures, it’s uncertain if everything is okay with the star at this time.

The coming days should reveal more, with Ali expected to show up on WWE NXT next week. He has not posted anything since blacking out his profiles.

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