NHL has been experiencing huge controversies centering on the divisive subject of fighting. A significant development took place when the QMJHL recently made the decision to implement stricter regulations pertaining to fighting. General Managers and other significant authorities also unveiled their concerns regarding the never-ending concussions among hockey stars on and off the ice.

The seriousness of the situation sparked debate in the hockey realm, where the 36-year-old right-winger for the Maple Leafs opened up. Ryan Reaves stands out as one of the strongest hockey players in the NHL, whose appearance itself acts as a deterrent against any overly aggressive tactics employed by opposing players.

Reaves was not satisfied with the decision to ban on-ice fights from the NHL, as it happens to be one of the biggest attractions to fans and enthusiasts. Moreover, the ban would somewhere make the hockey giants weaker and the game biased.

Ryan Reaves commented on the fight bans in a virtual interview with sports entertainer and reporter Jackie Redmond on March 21, 2023.

“That’s not gonna work at all. If you’re gonna say there’s a penalty after a clean hit for a fight, so now only staged fights allowed? Or you’re just trying to get rid of fighting all together?”

Reaves put Penguins’ Sidney Crosby on the list of strongest hockey players. He added:

“You’re trying to get fighting out of hockey; I’m telling you, some of these superstars will be laid out. You’re going to be missing guys like, you know, Crosby, he might catch a knee if there’s no repercussions for it, and then all these GMs are going to be begging for fighting to get back.”

This prohibition on fighting is slated to come into effect during the upcoming summer, just before the commencement of the upcoming season. Considering the pivotal role of on-ice fights, NHL fans are eagerly waiting for the final decision on whether bans on fights will stand valid or not.

Good news for NHL fans upon Ryan Reaves’ signing with the Maple Leafs

In an attempt to strengthen their lineup, the Toronto Maple Leafs acquired Ryan Reaves by inking a three-year contract with a seasoned forward for an average annual salary of $1.35 million. The inclusion of Reaves injects a revitalized wave of enthusiasm into Toronto’s ranks, as his presence aligns with the archetype of a player that the team has hitherto been without.

The hockey right-winger’s scoring prowess, dominant appearance, huge fan base, and leadership skills will bring the team closer to its ultimate goals in the upcoming season. NHL fans await to witness Reaves perform on the ice to enhance the Maple Leafs’ prospects in the pursuit of playoff success.

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