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Glenn Jacobs, better known to fans as Kane, holds the record for the highest number of televised matches in WWE history. In an exclusive interview, Natalya gave her thoughts on possibly surpassing The Big Red Machine one day.

In June, Twitter user ChandranTheMan listed the top 15 wrestlers with the most matches on WWE programming. Kane topped the list with 1,802 in-ring bouts, while Natalya took 12th place with 1,160 matches.

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Riju Dasgupta, the 41-year-old explained why beating Kane’s record is a realistic possibility:

“It’s crazy, Kane has worked a ton,” Natalya said. “That’s insane, especially for his size as a man. You never know. I mean, I don’t feel any signs of slowing down in WWE at all. My body feels great, I feel – knock on wood – every day I wake up and I’m so lucky because I feel pain-free. I take really, really good care of my body in the ring and my whole life I just focus on a very healthy lifestyle.” [FRom 05:17 – 05:48]


Watch the video above to hear Natalya give a fascinating insight into what life was like for the Hart family after the Montreal Screwjob.

Kane’s record is not the only one in Natalya’s sights

Guinness World Records recognizes Natalya as the holder of six WWE records, including the superstar with the most matches on RAW and SmackDown.

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion believes training at her family’s famous Hart Dungeon in Calgary set her up to succeed in wrestling:

“I had the most incredible training, which has given me this amazing foundation to be the superstar that I am today in WWE,” Natalya continued. “I’ve only had [two injuries] in my career. I had a nose injury and an ankle injury, and they didn’t take me out longer than three months in 16 and a half years, so I’ve had 16 and a half uninterrupted years in WWE, and that’s why I’ve had such a massive body of work.” [From 05:56 – 06:22]

Natalya added that she might break even more records by the time her career finishes:

“I’m excited to keep going. I’m excited to keep making records. Somebody told me the other day that I have the most submission victories of any man or woman in WWE, so I’m like, ‘Listen, Guinness, we gotta make this a record!’ But, yeah, it’s cool.” [From 06:23 – 06:38]

In the same interview, The Queen of Harts offered her opinion on Nia Jax possibly returning to WWE one day.

Would you like Natalya to beat Kane’s record? Let us know in the comments section below.

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