An honest Thunder Rosa comments on Cash Wheeler’s arrest and his AEW future – High School

Thunder Rosa recently gave her thoughts on the arrest of top AEW star Cash Wheeler.

The news of Cash Wheeler’s arrest on a charge of aggravated assault with a firearm in Florida left the fans, as well as Thunder Rosa, in shock as it has become a sensitive matter to discuss.

On Friday’s episode of “Busted Open,” Thunder Rosa addressed and shared her thoughts on the arrest and showed support for Cash Wheeler.

“I hope Cash Wheeler is doing well and whatever happens, like, there will be more information later on probably disclosed, but this is what we have and like, uh, it’s a very touchy subject but I’m glad AEW issued a statement about it,”

Rosa further added:

“I feel just like what the fans are feeling,” Rosa said. “I feel for the fans. I feel for Cash Wheeler because we don’t know the situation. I feel for his partner and, you know, It’s been a pleasure to work with them in ‘Collision’ and uh, and to see what I’ve seen over the past couple of weeks, and even years, like, working with them in AEW so … um, yeah, it’s really hard to talk about because I – again, we don’t – we don’t have any details and we don’t want to speculate.” H/T:[WrestlingInc]

Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood (known as FTR) are set to defend their AEW World Tag Team titles at All In against The Young Bucks.

Former AEW Women’s Champion is reportedly not returning any time soon

Former AEW Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa suffered an injury back in August 2022, and the fans hope that she would make her return very soon. However, recent reports suggest that Thunder Rosa is unfortunately not slated to return any time soon.

Rosa made her onscreen return to the lineup for the debut episode of Collision, and she’s also featured on the opening of the show despite never wrestling on the show.

During the recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer gave an update on the timeframe of Thunder Rosa’s return.

“Thunder Rosa was planned to challenge for the women’s title very quickly after she was cleared given she never lost it in the ring. When she is cleared is still not confirmed. Her back issues ended up being far worse than originally expected”

Only time will tell whats next for Rosa.

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