Charlotte Flair suffers awkward botch on WWE SmackDown – High School

Bianca Belair returned to WWE SmackDown this week to be part of a tag team match with Charlotte Flair. The duo was able to pick up the win over Damage CTRL but it appears that the match didn’t come without errors.

Iyo Sky and Charlotte Flair were part of an awkward botch that saw The Queen stuck in front of her own partner for several seconds but refused to tag her in. As seen from the video below, Flair delivers a back body drop to Sky before The Women’s Champion heads to her own corner to tag in Bayley.

It’s then that Bayley informs her that she should have grabbed Charlotte’s legs and prevented her from making the tag, Charlotte is lying on the floor in front of Bianca looking back at Sky wondering why she thought it was the hot tag, before Sky is forced to take out Belair instead.

The moment wasn’t as obvious as many botches that happen on WWE TV and Sky was able to cover for it well, but several fans were able to spot the error.

Bianca Belair was attacked backstage following the match on WWE SmackDown

Charlotte Flair came off unscathed following her match, but Bianca Belair was targetted by Damage CTRL in a backstage assault. The trio targeted her already injured leg and appeared to write her off TV following the assault.

WWE has several options for Belair moving forward, she could have some time away, join forces with Shotzi who is currently waging her own war against Damage CTRL, or even join her husband Montez Ford as part of his new stable with Angelo Dawkins and Bobby Lashley.

Do you think Bianca Belair was written off TV following the backstage assault on SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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