Girls’ Frontline is an online RPG gacha title developed by MICA team, featuring a turn-based strategy combat system. It features over 100 characters called Tactical Dolls (T-Dolls). T-Dolls are female androids who use weapons inspired by real-world firearms in battles. This gacha title features over 100 T-Dolls to choose from. You create an echelon comprising five units and deploy them to fight enemies.

T-Dolls come in varying rarities from two stars to five. You can upgrade each doll’s rarity with Neural Upgrade and ascend it to six stars. Additionally, they also possess upgradable abilities enabled by using experience points. That being said, this article ranks each Girls’ Frontline T-Dolls according to their battle prowess for August 2023.

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All Girls’ Frontline T-Dolls ranked (August 2023)

Girls’ Frontline T-Dolls ranked for August 2023. (Image via MICA team)
Girls’ Frontline T-Dolls ranked for August 2023. (Image via MICA team)

Girls’ Frontline T-Dolls use one of these weapon types: Handgun, Assault rifle, Rifle, Machine gun, Submachine gun, and shotgun. You can obtain new characters from the in-game gacha mechanics that need materials such as Parts, Manpower, Ammo, and Rations. The summoning process in this mobile gacha title also requires a T-Doll contract for the character you want.

This article ranks every playable Girls’ Frontline T-Dolls and their weapon types under S, A, B, C, D, and F tiers according to their battle prowess. Like other gachas’ tier lists, S-tier dolls dominate the current meta, whereas F-tier ones are the weakest.

Girls’ Frontline S-tier T-Dolls

FAL with Assault Rifle in Girls' Frontline. (Image via MICA team)
FAL with Assault Rifle in Girls’ Frontline. (Image via MICA team)

They are the most potent Girls’ Frontline fighters that guarantee a winning result. With the following S-tier dolls in one’s roster, you need not worry about any enemy you face. You can comfortably beat them, so focus on upgrading these characters to achieve godly power in battles. Here is the tier list of S-tier T-Dolls in this strategy game:

  • FAL with Assault Rifle
  • G11 with Assault Rifle
  • G41 with Assault Rifle
  • Grizzly with Handgun
  • NZ75 with Handgun
  • HK416 with Assault Rifle
  • IWS 2000 with Rifle
  • Lee-Enfield with Rifle
  • M1887 with Shotgun
  • M950A with Handgun
  • M99 with Rifle
  • MG4 with Machine Gun
  • MG5 with Machine Gun
  • Negev with Machine Gun
  • NTW-20 with Rifle
  • OTs-14 with Assault Rifle
  • Saiga-12 with Shotgun
  • Suomi with SMG
  • T91 with Assault Rifle
  • Thompson with SMG
  • Contender with Handgun
  • Type 79 with SMG
  • Vector with SMG
  • WA2000 with Rifle
  • Welrod Mk. 2 with Handgun
  • Carcano M1891 with Rifle

Girls’ Frontline A-tier T-Dolls

AK-12 with Assault Rifle in Girls' Frontline. (Image via MICA team)
AK-12 with Assault Rifle in Girls’ Frontline. (Image via MICA team)

Here, you will find Girls’ Frontline T-Dolls that develop winning results in most stages. Although less robust than S-tier ones, you can depend on them in clearing most stages. Pair them with S-tier characters and see the magic of your echelon. Here is the tier list of A-tier T-Dolls in this RPG title:

  • AK-12 with Assault Rifle
  • Zas M21 with Assault Rifle
  • CZ2000 with Assault Rifle
  • C-MS with SMG
  • KSG with Shotgun
  • Am RFB with Assault Rifle
  • AN-94 with Assault Rifle
  • ART556 with Assault Rifle
  • MP7 with SMG
  • AUG with Assault Rifle
  • Ballista with Rifle
  • Carcano M91 with Rifle
  • Contender with Handgun
  • PKP with Machine Gun
  • AA-12 with Shotgun
  • DSR-50 with Rifle
  • Five-SeveN with Handgun
  • FP-6 with Shotgun
  • G36C with SMG
  • HK21 with Machine Gun
  • JS05 with Rifle
  • K2 with Assault Rifle
  • Kar98k with Rifle
  • MDR with Assault Rifle
  • SAT 8 with Shotgun
  • SR-3MP with SMG
  • SRS with Rifle
  • Type 100 with SMG
  • UMP45 with SMG
  • Type 95 with Assault Rifle
  • Type 97 with Assault Rifle

Girls’ Frontline B-tier T-Dolls

Type 56-1 with Assault Rifle in Girls’ Frontline. (Image via MICA team)
Type 56-1 with Assault Rifle in Girls’ Frontline. (Image via MICA team)

The ones included in this tier are average shooters. Upgrading them at every opportunity is the best strategy to get the best out of these T-Dolls in Girls’ Frontline. However, if you enter the mid-game stages, ensure you max out their level and perform Neural upgrades to make them more potent. Here is the tier list of B-tier T-Dolls in this turn-based strategy title:

  • Type 56-1 with Assault Rifle
  • AEK-999 with Machine Gun
  • RO635 with SMG
  • Ameli with Machine Gun
  • AR-15 with Assault Rifle
  • AS VAL with Assault Rifle
  • FAMAS with Assault Rifle
  • G36 with Assault Rifle
  • Gr PSG-1 with Rifle
  • Honey Badger with SMG
  • K5 with Handgun
  • KLIN with SMG
  • M1014 with Shotgun
  • M16A1 with Assault Rifle
  • M1873 with Handgun
  • M1918 with Machine Gun
  • Ak 5 with Assault Rifle
  • M37 with Shotgun
  • M4 SOPMOD II with Assault Rifle
  • M590 with Shotgun
  • Gr MP5 with SMG
  • M60 with Machine Gun
  • MG3 with Machine Gun
  • 9A-91 with Assault Rifle
  • Mk23 with Handgun
  • Mk48 with Machine Gun
  • Mosin-Nagant with Rifle
  • P7 with Handgun
  • PK with Machine Gun
  • UMP9 with SMG
  • PP-19 with SMG
  • PP-19-01 with SMG
  • PTRD with Rifle
  • M4A1 with Assault Rifle
  • PzB39 with Rifle
  • G28 with Rifle
  • PP-90 with SMG
  • Ribeyrolles with Assault Rifle
  • Shipka with SMG
  • SPAS-12 with Shotgun
  • Spitfire with Handgun
  • Springfield with Rifle
  • Stechkin with Handgun
  • Super-shorty with Shotgun
  • SVD with Rifle
  • SPP-1 with Handgun
  • T-5000 with Rifle
  • Thunder .50 cal with Handgun
  • Type 80 with Machine Gun
  • TAR-21 with Assault Rifle
  • Type 97 with Shotgun
  • UMP40 with SMG
  • XM8 with Assault Rifle
  • USAS-12 with Shotgun

Girls’ Frontline C-tier T-Dolls

Astra with a handgun. (Image via MICA team)
Astra with a handgun. (Image via MICA team)

These Girls’ Frontline characters are below-average fighters. They have more drawbacks than the few utilities they offer in battles. C-tier T-Dolls are helpful only in certain situations, and you must spend considerable resources to make them potent fighters. Here is the list of C-tier T-Dolls:

  • Astra with Handgun
  • Type 56 with Rifle
  • CZ-805 with Assault Rifle
  • FF FNC with Assault Rifle
  • Glock 17 with Handgun
  • Hanyang 88 with Rifle
  • Ingram with SMG
  • KS-23 with Shotgun
  • M1 Garand with Rifle
  • FMG-9 with SMG
  • M14 with Rifle
  • M1919 with Machine Gun
  • Sten with SMG
  • M21 with Rifle
  • M2HB with Machine Gun
  • EVO 3 with SMG
  • Makarov with Handgun
  • Luger P08 with Handgun
  • Mauser C96 with Handgun
  • Z-62 with SMG
  • MG42 with Machine Gun
  • M9 with Handgun
  • Mini Uzi with SMG
  • OTs-12 with Assault Rifle
  • PPS-43 with SMG
  • RMB-93 with Shotgun
  • StG44 with Assault Rifle
  • SV-98 with Rifle
  • Tokarev with Handgun
  • AK-47 with Assault Rifle
  • Model L with Assault Rifle
  • Skorpion with SMG

Girls’ Frontline D-tier T-Dolls

T65 with Assault Rifle. (Image via MICA team)
T65 with Assault Rifle. (Image via MICA team)

Use these T-Dolls in Girls’ Frontline only if you lack the ones that rank higher in this tier list. They are best suited for beginners to understand the gameplay and mechanics of this mobile action title. Here is the tier list of D-tier units in this free-to-play title:

  • F2000 with Assault Rifle
  • T65 with Assault Rifle
  • AR70 with Assault Rifle
  • Type 92 with Handgun
  • ARX-160 with Assault Rifle
  • CZ52 with Handgun
  • Ash-12.7 with Assault Rifle
  • F1 with SMG
  • Gepard M1 with Rifle
  • MT-9 with SMG
  • HK23 with Machine Gun
  • HK45 with Handgun
  • T77 with SMG
  • M12 with SMG
  • M1897 with Shotgun
  • M1A1 with Rifle
  • M249 SAW with Machine Gun
  • Bren with Machine Gun
  • M500 with Shotgun
  • WZ 29 with Rifle
  • NS2000 with Shotgun
  • OTs-39 with SMG
  • PSM with Handgun
  • OTs-44 with Rifle
  • P226 with Handgun
  • P99 with Handgun
  • LWMMG with Machine Gun
  • SCW with SMG
  • GSh-18 with Handgun
  • Serdyukov with Handgun
  • SSG 69 with Rifle
  • Super SASS with Rifle
  • TMP with SMG
  • M1911 with Handgun
  • Type 81 with Rifle

Girls’ Frontline F-tier T-Dolls

AAT-52 with a machine gun in Girls’ Frontline. (Image via MICA team)
AAT-52 with a machine gun in Girls’ Frontline. (Image via MICA team)

The Girls’ Frontline dolls in this tier are the weakest in the current meta. They do not provide any utility in battles. Once you clear the early stages, obtain the dolls that rank higher and form your echelon with them. Below is the tier list of C-tier T-Dolls in this free-to-play-friendly gacha:

  • AAT-52 with Machine Gun
  • G3 with Assault Rifle
  • Beretta Model 38 with SMG
  • DP28 with Machine Gun
  • Simonov with Rifle
  • FF FNP9 with Handgun
  • FG42 with Machine Gun
  • FN-49 with Rifle
  • G43 with Rifle
  • SIG-510 with Assault Rifle
  • Galil with Assault Rifle
  • IDW with SMG
  • L85A1 with Assault Rifle
  • Type 59 with Handgun
  • M3 with SMG
  • M45 with SMG
  • MG34 with Machine Gun
  • MP-40 with SMG
  • RPD with Machine Gun
  • SVT-38 with Rifle
  • MP-446 with Handgun
  • Nagant revolver with Handgun
  • P38 with Handgun
  • PP-2000 with SMG
  • PPK with Handgun
  • PPSh-41 with SMG
  • Specter M4 with SMG
  • Type 63 with Assault Rifle
  • Type 64 with SMG
  • VM59 with Rifle

This Girls’ Frontline tier list provides a general overview of how T-Dolls rank according to their battle prowess in the current meta. It’s advisable to use the units you are comfortable with and suit your playstyle. Additionally, the tier list changes with every update the game receives. It might range from buffs and nerfs or the introduction of new ones in every update.

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