Madden 24’s performance woes continue on PC as players are now reporting that the game has frequently been crashing and freezing on their systems. The latest franchise entry has had conflicts with performance from day one, and while problems began with the servers themselves, it would seem that they weren’t the only issues with the game.

Madden 24 has been crashing and freezing up quite a bit for many PC users. While it is not exclusive to PCs, it has been troubling this platform the most. What makes this one of the more annoying performance bugs to deal with is the fact that there is no permanent solution that you can look up.

However, the community has come up with a temporary workaround that will help you deal with the issue. Hence, today’s Madden 24 guide will go over how you can work around the “Keeps crashing and freezing” issue on your PC.

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How to fix the Madden 24 crashing and freezing issue on PC

As mentioned, there are no permanent solutions that you can look into when it comes to fixing the Madden 24 crashing issues on PC. However, below are a few temporary workarounds that you can try to deal with it:

1) Restarting Madden 24

While it may not look like much of a fix, many in the community were able to log into the game and play a couple of matches by restarting it a few times. So try restarting a few times to check if that solves the issue.

2) Verify file integrity

Madden 24 might be crashing for you due to some corrupt files in your installation directory. You will be able to deal with this by scanning and fixing the files using the Steam client. By selecting the game, then going to settings and selecting “Scan and fix files” you will automatically start a process that will go over all the files in the installation directory and fix the ones that are corrupt.

3) Enable Secure Boost

Madden 24 is crashing for many after displaying “Secure Boost not enabled on your machine” error. So if you are facing something similar, then you will need to go to your Windows BIOS settings and then enable Secure Boost from there. This will more than likely fix some of the performance issues.

4) Update your graphics card

Updating your Nvidia or AMD graphics card might also do the trick. You can either go to their respective websites and manually download the latest drivers, or install the desktop app and then update it through that to the latest version. Keeping your GPU updated will solve many issues for multiple titles.

5) Check for Madden 24 updates

EA is quite aware of the plethora of performance issues that the latest Madden installment is facing. They are very likely to come up with a patch or hotfix to deal with these errors in the game. Hence, you might want to keep your title updated to the latest patch.

If all else fails, you will need to reach you to EA Help and submit a support ticket.

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