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Being a part of WWE today is not easy, as not everything that you’re supposed to do will work out well in your favor. For many stars, adjustment to life in WWE is not easy and that was certainly true for a former champion as well. In a recent interview, the former NXT Tag Team champion Alexander Wolfe confessed he was frustrated during his first few months in the company.

The star was released from the company back in 2021, but he had a successful run prior to that. Not only was he part of the massively popular Sanity, he was also a member of Imperium for a number of months.

During his interview on the Developmentally Speaking podcast, Wolfe spoke about the fact that he had to sit around for the first month, three hours a day, and attend the beginners’ classes. During this time, they were not able to wrestle and given that he already knew the basics, he did not enjoy this process.

“I had to sit around one month three hours and watch beginners class, which sucks. Nothing against beginners, everyone has to learn from the beginning.” (14:57 – 15:08)

Wolfe spoke about his frustration with having to sit through multiple classes and said that he didn’t react to it very well, showing his frustration with the rules.

“That’s stupid. I was pretty frustrated with that and showed my frustration as well which is not very professional. But I couldn’t help myself because I was p**sed off.” (15:20 – 15:30)


Alexander Wolfe admits that though he had to be patient, he ended up enjoying his time in WWE

The star ended up being patient and had to understand how the system worked despite being frustrated. He attended a number of classes and finally admitted that it was there that he could learn from the best.

Wolfe also appreciated getting to be around the other WWE stars and know them, saying that it was “gold” and that he will cherish that memory forever.

“Just to be around those people and know them from a personal standpoint, and know them, where they are coming from and everything, that’s gold. I cherish that memory forever.” (16:37 – 16:46)

It remains to be seen if he ever returns to the company.

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