Alexa Pano has had a meteoric rise in the golfing world. She has been playing golf since a young age and was touted as a young prodigy. With her father alongside as her caddy, Alexa recently won the 2023 ISPS Handa World Invitational in spectacular fashion with a score of eight under total, resulting in a three-way playoff. Interestingly, she went on to win the playoffs and got the winner’s share from the $1,500,000 purse.

Pano earned a massive $225,000 after securing a win at the ISPS Handa World Invitational. Notably, her career earnings before this event was $33,548 in the LPGA Tour. With the event purse of $1.5 million, the runner’s up and other golfers in the competition also got a hefty paycut.

Below, we have compiled a list of the individual payouts for the 2023 ISPS Handa World Invitational.

  • 1. Alexa Pano – $225,000
  • T2. Esther Henseleit – $122,794
  • T2. Gabriella Cowley – $122,794
  • 4. Ryan O’Toole – $79,875
  • 5. Olivia Cowan – $64,291
  • T6. Azahara Munoz – $48,315
  • T6. Diksha Dagar – $48,315
  • 8. Peiyun Chien – $38,575
  • 9. Kim Metraux – $34,678
  • T10. Wichanee Meechai – $29,352
  • T10. Noora Komulainen – $29,352

Alexa Pano is the second 19-year-old to win an LPGA event this season

The LPGA Tour has been exhilarating this season, thanks to exceptional performances from young and promising golfers. Alexa Pano was the second 19-year-old to win an LPGA event this season and shares the mantle with the American golfer Rose Zhang.

Additionally, she is also the eighth first-time LPGA winner. The US Women’s Open contestant showed promise from a young age and started playing professionally when she was 13. The 19-year-old has also featured in a Netflix documentary showcasing the young prodigies of the golfing world.

Alexa Pano had the opportunity to win an LPGA event on her 19th birthday, making it extremely special for her. Pano had a true underdog story for the competition when she entered without any clubs or gear due to an airline mishap. However, she described the win to be extremely surreal when it happened.

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