During the Gamescom 2023’s pre-show, the final trailer revealed was that of Homeworld 3. The next entry into the epic sci-fi RTS franchise revealed some brand-new footage revolving around the story, but perhaps more interesting than that was the release window has finally been solidified. The game has seen a few delays since its original launch, but fans now know when to expect the upcoming real-time strategy title.

Unlike many RTS titles, Homeworld 2’s sequel will continue the series’ excellent three-dimensional combat so that players can show off incredible strategies in ways they cannot in many other games. Here’s what we learned about the title during Gamescom 2023.

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Homeworld 3 reveals a release window during Gamescom 2023

Homeworld 3 has seen quite a few delays since the initial reveal back in 2019. However, as the final trailer of Gamescom 2023’s pre-show, a release window was revealed. The next entry into the epic science fiction RTS franchise will go live in February 2024. As of this writing, a full date has not been announced, but fans speculate it will drop in early Winter 2024.

Steve Gibson, President of Gearbox Publishing, spoke about the upcoming game in a press release:

“Not so long ago founding members of BBI set the bar with Homeworld for how stories should be told and the majesty of space can be portrayed in a strategy game. BBI and many new team members have joined together to again, years later, raise that bar and take players further into the breathtaking Homeworld universe. Sharing this glimpse of what is to come is incredibly exciting as we head towards that launch in February of 2024, and we are eager to share even more in these last few months before the long awaited Homeworld 3.”

Set decades after the prosperity of Homeworld 2, tragedy has struck the galaxy again. The game appears to be more cinematic than previous releases, and two main characters were teased in the cinematic: fleet commander Imogen S’jet and Isaac Paktu.

Players can now wishlist Homeworld 3, Collector’s Edition content revealed

While the next game in the RTS franchise launches in February 2024, you can wishlist it now on Steam. The title will also be available on the Epic Games Store when the launch date finally arrives. In addition, the trailer teased what players can look forward to in the Collector’s Edition of the game.

Collector’s Edition content

  • 14” Khar-Kushan Mothership
  • Additional Hiigaran Ships
  • WW2-inspired Spotter Deck
  • Year One Pass
  • And more

The price point was unfortunately not disclosed for the Collector’s Edition. Once that information is officially revealed, we’ll update this news piece accordingly.

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