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HoYoverse has officially announced Jingliu as their upcoming playable character in Honkai Star Rail via drip feed. The former sword master has been confirmed to be a 5-star unit on the Ice roster. Although Hoyoverse has yet to reveal her abilities, credible leak sources have provided details about her entire moveset, hinting at her strong single target and AoE damage potential.

This article outlines every bit of information available about Jingliu’s kit and further expands on her team role.

Disclaimer: This article is based on leaks that are subject to change. Readers should take any speculation with a grain of salt.

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Honkai Star Rail leaks report that Jingliu can change stances using her Talent

1) Jingliu’s abilities

Jingliu has excellent abilities that will likely make her a formidable damage dealer in Honkai Star Rail. She has access to single target and AoE Ice attacks, making her a flexible 5-star character.

Here is a detailed breakdown of her entire kit and everything she has to offer during battle.


Jingliu has access to two variations of her Skill. The normal activation unleashes Ice DMG on an enemy based on her ATK and generates two New Moon stacks.

On the other hand, the enhanced Skill transforms the attack into an AoE that deals Ice DMG to a target and surrounding enemies.


After activating her Ultimate, Jingliu unleashes Ice DMG on multiple enemies. She further gains two Moonlight stacks after attacking an enemy while in her Transcendence stance. Otherwise, she gains two stacks of New Moon.


After obtaining four New Moon stacks, Jingliu enters her Transcendence state and gains an extra turn. While in her stance, her New Moon gets converted into Moonlight, and her enhanced Skill is unlocked. She can activate it by consuming a portion of her allies’ HP.

She can only exit her stance after losing her Moonlight stacks.

2) Jingliu’s Path and team role

Jingliu’s official artwork confirms her association with the Destruction Path in Honkai Star Rail. Hence, she can unleash a combination of both single-target and AoE attacks.

Considering all the movesets specified above, it should be clear that she will be a dedicated DPS for various team compositions. Her attack scaling abilities can be enhanced via buffs from other characters to unleash massive damage on opponents.

That said, the former sword master will appear in the Honkai Star Rail 1.4 update, expected to be released on October 11, 2023. Since HoYoverse has not confirmed her release date, she can be either on the first or second limited warp.

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