UK court reportedly finds GTA 6 leaker Arion Kurtaj liable for revealing gameplay footage last year – High School

Last year’s GTA 6 leaks incident shook the entire world, and it looks like the law has finally found someone liable for it. According to a recent report by BBC, the 18-year-old hacker Arion Kurtaj has been found responsible for leaking the gameplay footage of Rockstar’s next Grand Theft Auto title by Southwark Crown Court, London, after a seven-week long trial.

The leaker from the Lapsus$ group has also been reportedly found liable for two other hacking sprees.

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The GTA 6 leaks incident was indeed committed by Arion Kurtaj as per the UK court


Arion Kurtaj, the 18-year-old teenager famous for the Grand Theft Auto 6 leaked footage incident, has been found responsible for the hacking attack on Rockstar Games by the court today. BBC noted that the jury was asked to find out whether or not Arion Kurtaj did the alleged acts and not if he had any criminal intent while doing so.

It has also been found that the hacker used an Amazon Fire Stick to aid the attack from the Travelodge hotel. It’s the same place where he was put on strict bail conditions for his previous hacking attacks on Nvidia, a Silicon Valley technology giant. He and a 17-year-old teenager stole sensitive data and asked for a ransom.

At the hearing, it was found that his last attack was against Rockstar Games, where he claimed to have downloaded all of Grand Theft Auto 6’s data and demanded a ransom by threatening to release the game’s source code if the developer didn’t contact him on Telegram.

However, by this point, all the leaks were uploaded on GTAForums under the name TeaPotUberHacker, including 90 videos and clips of the unreleased game.


According to the BBC News report, Her Honour Judge Lees will sentence both teenagers at a later date.

The news followed the Gamescom crash incident of yesterday, where someone claimed Bill Clinton wants to play GTA 6.

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