Brock Lesnar may be one of the top wrestlers to have ever entered a WWE ring, but he has something in common with CM Punk: both wrestlers tried their hand in MMA. While one was far more successful than the other, both would eventually come back to pro wrestling as well. In an old video that has emerged from when the two were feuding in WWE, Lesnar took a shot at Punk regarding MMA.

Back in 2013, Punk was in a feud with Brock Lesnar. With the commonality between them both being “Paul Heyman guys,” this was an enormous rivalry at the time, especially with Punk’s stock in the company being higher than it had been in years.

In a sit-down interview, Lesnar took some shots at Punk, mocking The Second City Saint’s MMA training and declaring that he was not a tough guy:

“Punk thinks that just because he tapes his hands and has a bunch of tattoos and takes a bunch of MMA classes for beginners that he’s a tough guy – well he’s not.”

CM Punk ultimately tried his hand at MMA after leaving WWE, but unfortunately failed there. His two fights were both losses, with his first one coming within 2 minutes and 14 seconds. The result of his second fight was overturned because Mike Jackson tested positive for marijuana.

CM Punk lost to Brock Lesnar after Paul Heyman turned on him

Paul Heyman turned on CM Punk while managing him at one point. Lesnar and Punk entered a feud when they met at SummerSlam in a No Disqualification Match.

The match itself was later touted as one of the best of either man’s career, but it was Lesnar who ultimately walked away with the win.

This was also just a year or so after Brock Lesnar had returned from his UFC run.

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