Julian Edelman joins Tom Brady, and Rob Gronkowski to form super team at FOX ahead of new NFL season: Report – High School

Julian Edelman, Tom Brady, and Rob Gronkowski are teaming up once again. The former New England Patriots offensive trio is forming a new team with the FOX broadcasting crew.

This is not Edelman’s first foray into broadcasting. He was on Inside the NFL for a little while after he retired in 2020. Brady has not yet done any broadcasting, while Gronkowski has worked in that area since retiring from the NFL.

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Julian Edelman following Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski to FOX

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Brad Zager, Fox Sports executive producer and president of production & operations, said via ABC:

“It’s not just the fact that he’s done TV, it’s that he’s taken such an interest, even toward the end of his playing career. He’s somebody that’s so engaging when you talk to him in person, or when you see the clips of him doing TV or doing these podcasts as he’s done. He’s also gained the credibility of fans with the teams that he was on.”


He continued, noting that the dynastic nature of Edelman’s New England Patriots only helps his case:

“When you have great franchises for so long and some of those guys’ careers have ended, it makes sense for them to be on TV,” Zager said. “If I was guessing, I would say you’d probably see something similar five years or more down the line with the Chiefs and some of their players. People become so familiar with them.”

Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski are starting this season. They’ll join the FOX crew for this NFL season, while Brady isn’t coming just yet. He just retired in the spring, and will be joining for the 2024 season one year from now.

Julian Edelman and Tom Brady are reuniting
Julian Edelman and Tom Brady are reuniting

Presuming all goes well, this trio could be an integral role for the FOX team moving forward. Tom Brady was a huge pull for the network, but adding two of his favorite old teammates to their team is also a big addition.

It’s unclear exactly what role Edelman will hold for FOX, but it’s likely he will be a key figure in their NFL broadcasting.

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