WWE SmackDown this week was an extremely emotional one after the untimely passing of Bray Wyatt. Naturally, the mood was fraught and somber, with the company doing their best to pay tribute to the career of Wyatt, something that’s difficult to do justice to. The WWE fans were not going to be left behind either, with them paying tribute to Wyatt as well.

The show kicked off with everyone standing on the stage while the ten-bell salute to Wyatt and Terry Funk played. Michael Cole spoke about the tragic passing of the two stars over the last two days in an emotional moment.

The company also played a video package for Wyatt, but it was the reaction of the fans that left everyone stunned as they took over the moment after the ten bells. The fans started to sing Wyatt’s signature song, “He’s got the whole world in his hands.” They also chanted, “Thank you Bray.”

In a moment that was already emotional, this seemed to tip things over, with the company lingering on the faces of the WWE stars as the fans sang, taking in the moment where the audience chose to say farewell to the creative genius that was Bray Wyatt.

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