How the self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Canada’ causes true harm to her subjects 2023 Updates – High School

EDITOR’S NOTE: A powerful QAnon figure — Romana Didulo, a.k.a. ” Queen of Canada” has been present in Sault Ste. Marie for over seven days. This weekend, she met with different devotees at a closed in property on Avalanche Street. For a number of years, Christine Sarteschi, a social work and criminology professor at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, has been keeping a close eye on Didulo’s movements. The following is a June 2022 article she composed for The Discussion, a free and non-benefit wellspring of information, examination and critique from scholastic specialists. Under a Creative Commons license, it is being republished here.

The anti-government sovereign citizen movement, whose adherents hold the belief that they are immune from the laws of their government, is rapidly growing and now exists in at least 26 nations. A number of high-profile incidents, including an armed standoff in Massachusetts in July 2021, demonstrate their propensity for violence.

As a social researcher and specialist of this development, I have been checking Romana Didulo, a connivance force to be reckoned with situated in English Columbia, who has broadcasted herself “Sovereign of Canada,” “president,” “Head of State and Government” and “president and public Native head of the Realm of Canada.”

Didulo has recently been named “Queen of the World.”

She travels through Canada in a recreational vehicle with her entourage. They hold “meet and welcomes” where Didulo talks officially. These are recorded and posted on different stations on Wire, a scrambled informing application.

Didulo has almost 66,000 supporters, known as “I AMs.” They are right now raising assets to buy a new $65,000 RV for their sovereign.

Didulo is a different kind of sovereign citizen. She upholds a doctrine included a combination of QAnon paranoid ideas, pseudo-lawful sovereign-resident convictions and new age otherworldliness.

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